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Exchange Qiwi RUB to NixMoney USD
Info 64.1176 QWRUB 1 NIXUSD 43.86 Pm-Cash
Info 90.1384 QWRUB 1 NIXUSD 44.8 Gold-Obmen
Info 102.3200 QWRUB 1 NIXUSD 515.31 Ex-Money

Details on Qiwi RUB NixMoney USD
Total reserve of exchange offices: 603.97 NIXUSD. Average exchange rate: 85.5253.

In the "Give" or "Get" column you might see "0" or the same digits which is caused by rounding small numbers. Please choose any exchanger knowing that each subsequent is less profitable!

All e-currency exchangers in this monitor were checked up, so you can deal with them and make e-money exchanges. Before you go ahead with cryptocurrency exchange please read our FAQ.
Other ways to exchange Qiwi RUB
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Payment system details

QIWI Wallet is your personal area in QIWI payment service where you can store details of all your payments, account balance or scheduled payments, invoices of online shops, as well as different reports about your payment activity. QIWI is electronic money you use to pay for thousands of goods or services. It also an instrument to accept payments for services you provide. Payments can be made both using QIWI Wallet balance and cell phone balance, as well as bank card. QIWI interface is available for a web site, all mobile systems, or VKontakte. It's a very useful tool for online stores and freelancers to pay or to make money.

NixMoney is the first payment system that supports Bitcoin as well as other crypto-currencies. It's compatible with TOR – an anonymous network. NixMoney offers a broad range of payment tools for online stores, exchanges, forums, or other commercial or non-commercial sites.