Electronic Money Exchange Monitor

Exchange Yandex Money RUB to Visa / MasterCard RUB
Info 1 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 19204015.32 Rocket-Change
Info 1.0398 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 496328.17 Babasiki
Info 1.0400 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 72753.5 Change-AM
Info 1.0401 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 2947953.27 Mega-X-change
Info 1.0406 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 241358.53 A-exchange
Info 1.0406 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 241358.53 A-exchange
Info 1.0407 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 192384.1 Obmenka
Info 1.0450 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 76657.45 World-Change
Info 1.0450 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 100321.97 Obmenka-24
Info 1.0489 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 2714028.11 M-Obmen
Info 1.0500 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 108219.21 Bazar-Money
Info 1.0555 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 19697003.46 Quick-Change
Info 1.0600 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 543442.57 E-obmen
Info 1.0700 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 22026.86 Gold-Obmen
Info 1.0800 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 360314.71 Fast-WM
Info 1.0962 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 409901.54 Obmenu
Info 1.1457 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 45104.78 RuBitok
Info 1.3000 YAMRUB 1 CARDRUB 269593.05 Ru-Change

Details on Yandex Money RUB Visa / MasterCard RUB
Total reserve of exchange offices: 47742765.13 CARDRUB. Average exchange rate: 1.0688.

In the "Give" or "Get" column you might see "0" or the same digits which is caused by rounding small numbers. Please choose any exchanger knowing that each subsequent is less profitable!

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Other ways to exchange Yandex Money RUB
You can get Visa / MasterCard RUB via
Payment system details

Yandex.Money is a payment system that allows to make safe payments over the Internet and log all debits and credits. There are two ways to keep your account. Yandex-Purse is a purse accessed at the web site of Yandex.Money. You can use it from any PC. Internet-Purse is a software installed on a user PC. Yandex.Money currency is Russian ruble (RUB). Fees: add money to the system – 0%; transactions within the system – 1%; withdraw money from the system – 3%.

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