Abbreviations of e-Currencies and Financial Institutions

Acronyms used at e-money market (by A/Z):

ACСRUB – Alfa-Click cash-in RUB (bank transfer)
ACСUSD – Alfa-Click cash-in USD (bank transfer)
ACKZT – Alfa-Click KZT (bank transfer)
ACRUB – Alfa-Click RUB (bank transfer)
ADA – Cardano (cryptocurrency)
ADVCEUR – Advanced Cash EUR (electronic currency)
ADVCRUB – Advanced Cash RUB (electronic currency)
ADVCUAH – Advanced Cash UAH (electronic currency)
ADVCUSD – Advanced Cash USD (electronic currency)
ALPCNY – Alipay CNY (electronic currency)
ANLKEUR – Anelik EUR (money transfer)
ANLKUSD – Anelik USD (money transfer)
ARCAAMD – Artsakhbank AMD (bank transfer)
ATNBKZT – Bank of Astana KZT (bank transfer)
ATOM – Cosmos (cryptocurrency)
AVAX – Avalanche (cryptocurrency)
AVBRUB – Avangard Bank RUB (bank transfer)

BCH – Bitcoin Cash (cryptocurrency)
BKASHBDT – bKash BDT (electronic currency)
BLRBBYN – Belarusbank BYN (bank transfer)
BNB – Binance Coin (cryptocurrency)
BTC – Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)
BUSD – Binance USD (cryptocurrency)

CARDAMD – Visa / MasterCard AMD (credit/debit card)
CARDBYN – Visa / MasterCard BYN (credit/debit card)
CARDEUR – Visa / MasterCard EUR (credit/debit card)
CARDGBP – Visa / MasterCard GBP (credit/debit card)
CARDKZT – Visa / MasterCard KZT (credit/debit card)
CARDPLN – Visa / MasterCard PLN (credit/debit card)
CARDRUB – Visa / MasterCard RUB (credit/debit card)
CARDSEK – Visa / MasterCard SEK (credit/debit card)
CARDUAH – Visa / MasterCard UAH (credit/debit card)
CARDUSD – Visa / MasterCard USD (credit/debit card)
CASHAMD – Cash AMD (cash)
CASHEUR – Cash EUR (cash)
CASHILS – Cash ILS (cash)
CASHKZT – Cash KZT (cash)
CASHRUB – Cash RUB (cash)
CASHUAH – Cash UAH (cash)
CASHUSD – Cash USD (cash)
CCBKZT – CenterCredit Bank KZT (bank transfer)
CCEXUSD – C-Cex USD (electronic currency)
CGEUR – C-Gold EUR (electronic currency)
CGUSD – C-Gold USD (electronic currency)
CNOUSD – Coino USD (electronic currency)
CNTEUR – Contact EUR (money transfer)
CNTGBP – Contact GBP (money transfer)
CNTRUB – Contact RUB (money transfer)
CNTUSD – Contact USD (money transfer)
CPTSRUB – Capitalist RUB (electronic currency)
CPTSUSD – Capitalist USD (electronic currency)
CSTRMTUSD – Coinstar Money Transfer USD (money transfer)
CTBRUB – Citibank RUB (bank transfer)

DAI – Dai (cryptocurrency)
DASH – Dash (cryptocurrency)
DOGE – Doge (cryptocurrency)
DOT – Polkadot (cryptocurrency)

ECNEXUSD – eCoin USD (electronic currency)
EDRAM – Idram AMD (electronic currency)
EKZT – E-KZT (electronic currency)
ELKRUB – Elecsnet RUB (electronic currency)
EPAYEUR – Epay EUR (electronic currency)
EPAYUSD – Epay USD (electronic currency)
EPMUSD – ePayments USD (electronic currency)
EPSUSD – Epese USD (electronic currency)
ESPBYR – EasyPay BYR (electronic currency)
ESPUAH – UAH (electronic currency)
ETH – Ethereum (cryptocurrency)
EURBKZT – Eurasian Bank KZT (bank transfer)
EURT – Tether EUR (electronic currency)
EXMEUR – Exmo EUR (electronic currency)
EXMRUB – Exmo RUB (electronic currency)
EXMUAH – Exmo UAH (electronic currency)
EXMUSD – Exmo USD (electronic currency)

FPIDR – FasaPay IDR (electronic currency)
FPUSD – FasaPay USD (electronic currency)
FRTBKZT – ForteBank KZT (bank transfer)
FRTBUSD – ForteBank USD (bank transfer)
FWDBUAH – Forward Bank UAH (bank transfer)

GCMTEUR – Golden Crown EUR (money transfer)
GCMTRUB – Golden Crown RUB (money transfer)
GCMTUSD – Golden Crown USD (money transfer)
GPBRUB – Gazprombank RUB (bank transfer)

HCBRUB – Home Credit Bank RUB (bank transfer)
HLKBKZT – Halyk Bank KZT (bank transfer)

IMBRUB – iMoneyBank RUB (bank transfer)
INFXUSD – InstaForex USD (electronic currency)

KIBRUB – KraiInvestBank RUB (bank transfer)
KKBKZT – Kazkombank KZT (bank transfer)
KKBUSD – Kazkombank USD (bank transfer)
KSPBKZT – Kaspi Bank KZT (bank transfer)
KUKRUB – Kukuruza RUB (bank transfer)

LEO – Unus Sed Leo (cryptocurrency)
LINK – Chainlink (cryptocurrency)
LTC – Litecoin (cryptocurrency)
LVCNRUB – Livecoin RUB (electronic currency)
LVCNUSD – Livecoin USD (electronic currency)

MATIC – Polygon (cryptocurrency)
MGEUR – MoneyGram EUR (money transfer)
MGUSD – MoneyGram USD (money transfer)
MIRCRUB – Mir RUB (bank transfer)
MONOBUAH – Monobank UAH (bank transfer)
MOSBRUB – Bank of Moscow RUB (bank transfer)
MPLEUR – MoneyPolo EUR (electronic currency)
MPLUSD – MoneyPolo USD (electronic currency)
MTSBRUB – MTS Bank RUB (bank transfer)

NIXEUR – NixMoney EUR (electronic currency)
NIXUSD – NixMoney USD (electronic currency)
NMC – Namecoin (electronic currency)
NTLREUR – Neteller EUR (electronic currency)
NTLRUSD – Neteller USD (electronic currency)
NXT – Nextcoin (electronic currency)

OKEUR – OkPay EUR (electronic currency)
OKRUB – OkPay RUB (electronic currency)
OKUSD – OkPay USD (electronic currency)
OPNBRUB – Open Bank RUB (bank transfer)
OSDBUAH – Oschadbank UAH (bank transfer)
OTPBUAH – OTP Bank UAH (bank transfer)

P24EUR – Privat 24 EUR (bank transfer)
P24RUB – Privat 24 RUB (bank transfer)
P24UAH – Privat 24 UAH (bank transfer)
P24USD – Privat 24 USD (bank transfer)
PAEUR – Payza EUR (electronic currency)
PAUSD – Payza USD (electronic currency)
PBUAH – Privat Bank UAH (bank transfer)
PBUSD – Privat Bank USD (bank transfer)
PMBBUAH – PUMB Bank UAH (bank transfer)
PMBTC – Perfect Money BTC (electronic currency)
PMEUR – Perfect Money EUR (electronic currency)
PMG – Perfect Money Gold (electronic currency)
PMREUR – Paymer EUR (electronic currency)
PMRRUB – Paymer RUB (electronic currency)
PMRUAH – Paymer UAH (electronic currency)
PMRUSD – Paymer USD (electronic currency)
PMUSD – Perfect Money USD (electronic currency)
PMVUSD – Perfect Money e-Voucher USD (electronic currency)
PNRUSD – Payoneer USD (electronic currency)
POSTBRUB – Pochta Bank RUB (bank transfer)
PPAUD – PayPal AUD (electronic currency)
PPC – Peercoin (electronic currency)
PPCAD – PayPal CAD (electronic currency)
PPEUR – PayPal EUR (electronic currency)
PPGBP – PayPal GBP (electronic currency)
PPHKD – PayPal HKD (electronic currency)
PPRUB – PayPal RUB (electronic currency)
PPSGD – PayPal SGD (electronic currency)
PPTHB – PayPal THB (electronic currency)
PPUSD – PayPal USD (electronic currency)
PRBTC – Payeer BTC (electronic currency)
PREUR – Payeer EUR (electronic currency)
PRRUB – Payeer RUB (electronic currency)
PRUSD – Payeer USD (electronic currency)
PSBRUB – Promsvyazbank RUB (bank transfer)
PSREUR – Paysera EUR (electronic currency)
PSRUSD – Paysera USD (electronic currency)
PWUSD – PayWeb USD (electronic currency)
PXMEUR – Paxum EUR (electronic currency)
PXMUSD – Paxum USD (electronic currency)

QWEUR – Qiwi EUR (electronic currency)
QWKZT – Qiwi KZT (electronic currency)
QWRUB – Qiwi RUB (electronic currency)
QWUSD – Qiwi USD (electronic currency)

RBDT – Rocket BDT (electronic currency)
RBKMRUB – RBK Money RUB (electronic currency)
RENBRUB – Renaissance Credit Bank RUB (bank transfer)
RFBRUB – Raiffeisen Bank RUB (bank transfer)
RFBUAH – Raiffeisen Bank UAH (bank transfer)
RMTFEUR – Ria Money Transfer EUR (money transfer)
RMTFUSD – Ria Money Transfer USD (money transfer)
RNKBRUB – RNKB RUB (bank transfer)
ROSBRUB – Rosbank RUB (bank transfer)
RPUSD – RedPass USD (electronic currency)
RSHBRUB – Rosselhozbank RUB (bank transfer)
RUSSTRUB – Russian Standard Bank RUB (bank transfer)

SBERKZT – Sberbank OnLine KZT (bank transfer)
SBERRUB – Sberbank OnLine RUB (bank transfer)
SBERUAH – Sberbank OnLine UAH (bank transfer)
SBPRUB – Faster Payments System RUB (bank transfer)
SEPACZK – Sepa CZK (bank transfer)
SEPAEUR – Sepa EUR (bank transfer)
SEPAGBP – Sepa GBP (bank transfer)
SEPAUSD – Sepa USD (bank transfer)
SHIB – Shiba Inu (cryptocurrency)
SKLEUR – Skrill EUR (electronic currency)
SKLUSD – Skrill USD (electronic currency)
SOFEUR – Sofort EUR (bank transfer)
SOL – Solana (cryptocurrency)
SPVND – SohaPay VND (electronic currency)
STPUSD – SolidTrust Pay USD (electronic currency)
SVBRUB – Svyaznoy Bank RUB (bank transfer)
SWDBEUR – Swedbank EUR (bank transfer)

TBCBUSD – TBC Bank USD (bank transfer)
TBRUB – VTB Telebank RUB (bank transfer)
TCSBRUB – TCS Bank RUB (bank transfer)
TON – Toncoin (cryptocurrency)
TRBRUB – Trust Bank RUB (bank transfer)
TRX – Tron (cryptocurrency)

UNCBRUB – UniCredit Bank RUB (bank transfer)
UNCBUAH – Ukrsocbank UAH (bank transfer)
UNI – Uniswap (cryptocurrency)
UNIBUAH – Universal Bank UAH (bank transfer)
UPCNY – UnionPay CNY (bank transfer)
USBRUB – Uralsib Bank RUB (bank transfer)
USBUAH – UkrSibbank UAH (bank transfer)
USDC – USD Coin (cryptocurrency)
USDT – Tether USD (electronic currency)
USTMEUR – Unistream EUR (money transfer)
USTMRUB – Unistream RUB (money transfer)
USTMUSD – Unistream USD (money transfer)

VTCPVND – VTC Pay VND (electronic currency)

WBTC – Wrapped Bitcoin (cryptocurrency)
WEXBTC – WEX BTC (electronic currency)
WEXEUR – WEX EUR (electronic currency)
WEXRUB – WEX RUB (electronic currency)
WEXUSD – WEX USD (electronic currency)
WIREAUD – Wire Transfer AUD (bank transfer)
WIREBOB – Wire Transfer BOB (bank transfer)
WIREBRL – Wire Transfer BRL (bank transfer)
WIRECAD – Wire Transfer CAD (bank transfer)
WIRECNY – Wire Transfer CNY (bank transfer)
WIRECZK – Wire Transfer CZK (bank transfer)
WIREEUR – Wire Transfer EUR (bank transfer)
WIREGBP – Wire Transfer GBP (bank transfer)
WIREHKD – Wire Transfer HKD (bank transfer)
WIREJPY – Wire Transfer JPY (bank transfer)
WIREKZT – Wire Transfer KZT (bank transfer)
WIREMYR – Wire Transfer MYR (bank transfer)
WIRENZD – Wire Transfer NZD (bank transfer)
WIREPEN – Wire Transfer PEN (bank transfer)
WIREPLN – Wire Transfer PLN (bank transfer)
WIRERUB – Wire Transfer RUB (bank transfer)
WIREUSD – Wire Transfer USD (bank transfer)
WMB – WebMoney BYN (electronic currency)
WME – WebMoney EUR (electronic currency)
WMG – WebMoney GOLD (electronic currency)
WMH – WebMoney BCH (electronic currency)
WMK – WebMoney KZT (electronic currency)
WML – WebMoney LTC (electronic currency)
WMR – WebMoney RUB (electronic currency)
WMU – WebMoney UAH (electronic currency)
WMX – WebMoney X (electronic currency)
WMY – WebMoney UZS (electronic currency)
WMZ – WebMoney USD (electronic currency)
WOKZT – W1 KZT (electronic currency)
WORUB – W1 RUB (electronic currency)
WOUAH – W1 UAH (electronic currency)
WOUSD – W1 USD (electronic currency)
WUEUR – Western Union EUR (money transfer)
WURUB – Western Union RUB (money transfer)
WUUAH – Western Union UAH (money transfer)
WUUSD – Western Union USD (money transfer)

XLM – Stellar Lumen (cryptocurrency)
XMR – Monero (cryptocurrency)
XRP – Ripple (cryptocurrency)

YAMRUB – YooMoney RUB (electronic currency)

ZPRUB – Z-Payment RUB (electronic currency)
ZPUSD – Z-Payment USD (electronic currency)


Abbreviations of monetary units (by A/Z):

AMD – Armenian dram
AUD – Australian dollar
BDT – Bangladeshi taka
BOB – Bolivian boliviano
BRL – Brazilian real
BYN – Belarusian ruble
CAD – Canadian dollar
CNY – Chinese yuan
CZK – Czech koruna
EUR – euro
GBP – pound sterling
HKD – Hong Kong dollar
IDR – Indonesian rupiah
ILS – Israeli shekel
JPY – Japanese yen
KZT – Kazakh tenge
MYR – Malaysian ringgit
NZD – New Zealand dollar
PEN – Peruvian sol
PLN – Polish zloty
RUB – Russian ruble
SEK – Swedish krona
SGD – Singapore dollar
THB – Thai baht
UAH – Ukrainian hryvnia
USD – US dollar
UZS – Uzbek sum
VND – Vietnamese dong