Free online WebMoney credit monitor - 24-hour service | Saratovsky Monitoring



1. Electronic Credit Monitor

Online credit is fine for all who use WebMoney as means of payment. WebMoney credit is issued at specialized web sites called credit services or credit machines. They allow to borrow WebMoney in the form of WMZ (USD), as well as to invest personal holdings, i.e. credit other people.

To obtain WebMoney credit online, you need to have certain business level (BL), length of registration in WebMoney, type of WebMoney passport, acceptable credit history, etc. So there is a problem to quickly find a WebMoney credit machine that would be ready to grant electronic credit specifically to you. And we resolved it by developing this monitor of WebMoney credit providers.

Now every user can promptly receive comprehensive information about WebMoney credit terms offered by WebMoney credit machines all over the world:

  • WMZ (USD) online credit amount or period
  • additional loan parameters
  • credit service status or reliability.

Saratovsky Monitoring picks out a WebMoney credit service that meets your requirements, including time during which a borrower is registered in WebMoney, his or her business level (BL), funds you need, etc. Just enter the right information in appropriate fields, and you will immediately see a list of machines ready to go ahead with your WebMoney credit.

Besides, you can locate the most favorable credit provider by using your WebMoney ID. Just type in your WMID and our system will automatically generate a listing of WebMoney credit machines which suit you.


2. Trust Limit Monitor

Users having electronic money available and seeking options to loan with profit can also take advantage of Saratovsky Monitoring.

Almost all WebMoney credit machines have aggregate trust limit or TL. It's based on individual trust limits that every user extends to a credit provider. Individual trust limit is a creditor permission to use his funds on certain terms. In the end, the more people entrust a WebMoney credit service with their money, the more reliable it is.

Our system collects information on amount, period and interest at which every WebMoney credit machine receives trust limits. Using this data you will easily select a reliable resource to lend your electronic money to.

In this way, Saratovsky monitor of WebMoney credit machines really simplifies any search of acceptable electronic credit service. It also helps to save your electronic funds and increase them.