Electronic currency exchange or digital money exchange | Saratovsky Monitoring


Saratovsky monitor of electronic currency exchangers is a simple and efficient e-money exchange online, as well as e-currency purchase or withdrawal by means of a bank card or account, or via money transfer. In a matter of seconds you get real-time exchange rates of the bulk of digital money exchangers on the web and choose the best. Our system is free.

This monitor is based on three main principles:

Saratovsky Monitoring guarantees that e-currency exchange rates and reserves you see correspond to those given by exchanger websites – at the moment of the last transfer of data from them.
Saratovsky Monitoring is an independent resource which is above interests of any electronic currency exchanger registered in it: we do not trade places in our rating – it's built by the market itself. Our service simply tells you everything about the present situation with electronic money exchange – in a convenient form.
Saratovsky Monitoring provides fresh data: e-currency exchange rates and reserves of all exchangers are updated every few minutes.