Foreign Exchange in Saratov or Engels Banks

Below is a complete list of banks within Saratovsky Monitoring that actively exchange foreign currency in the city of Saratov or Engels, Russia:

  1. Binbank
  2. Econombank
  3. Investtorgbank
  4. Locko-Bank
  5. NVK Bank
  6. Otkrytie Bank
  7. Raiffeisen Bank
  8. Rosselhozbank
  9. Saratov Bank
  10. Sberbank
  11. Sinergia Bank

All these banks exchange US dollars, euros, or Russian rubles, and some of them also operate other foreign currencies such as Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Czech koruna, Chinese yuan, Danish krone, Japanese yen, Kazakh tenge, Norwegian krone, pound sterling, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, Ukrainian hryvnia.