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Wiki dictionary includes explanations of the terms one might encounter both on pages of this service and in the industry of WebMoney credit.

  1. WebMoney credit
  2. WebMoney credit machine
  3. WebMoney credit machine monitor
  4. Trust Limit (TL)
  5. Business Level (BL)
  6. «Credit» tab columns
  7. «Deposit» tab columns


WebMoney credit is a loan extended by one WebMoney user to another WebMoney user, which is to be returned and paid within a fixed period: a debtor is obliged to pay out principal and interest for use of electronic money by some moment in the future. Creditors and borrowers meet at a special WebMoney exchange.


WebMoney credit machine or WebMoney credit service is a resource that automatically issues WebMoney credit in digital currency, without requesting any documents and/or references; WebMoney credit services also allow creditors to extend loans in digital cash to those who need it.


WebMoney credit machine monitor is a service that automatically finds WebMoney credit machines which suit certain requirements. Such a monitor can be used to select WebMoney credit services as well as to check their status or rating.


Trust Limit (TL) is an indicator of financial trust rendered to a WebMoney credit machine (WebMoney ID owner) by other members of WebMoney payment system. This parameter directly characterizes reliability of a credit service. Zero TL means its owner does not need other people money (i.e. he has no trust limits open), or he used up all available limits, or electronic purses of creditors simply do not have enough funds to lend.


Business Level (BL) is a total index of economic activity demonstrated by a WebMoney ID owner. This attribute is attached to all WebMoney members. The Business Level value is based on time during which WebMoney Transfer service is actively used, negative or positive feedback, as well as number of contracting parties of a WebMoney ID owner.

BL can vary 0 to 10000. This parameter is inclined to change because it directly depends on a user activity. Moreover, Business Level is just an index – it is NOT a counter of some variables. For instance, BL of a user making regular transactions with other user at the same amount will remain stable or will slightly go down (provided there is no financial activity of any other type).

You can always see Business Level of any WebMoney user in the WM-Keeper dialog window or within different system modules such as WebMoney Verification Center.


«Credit» tab columns

WM Passport Required is a minimally required WebMoney passport which allows to obtain WebMoney credit in a certain credit machine; there are different types of passports in WebMoney: Alias, Formal, Initial, Personal, Merchant, Capitaller, Developer, Registrar, Service, Guarantor or Operator Passport.

Min.BL is a minimally required Business Level of a borrower.

Credit Amount, WMZ is an amount of WMZ that a WebMoney credit machine can issue as credit; there are limit values given in the table.

Daily Interest, % is an interest rate charged for 24 hours of WebMoney credit use.

Credit Period, days is a number of days a WebMoney credit is granted for.

Prepayment is an interest re-calculation and compensation made in case of early loan repayment.

WM Passport Age is time during which a WMID is registered in WebMoney.


«Deposit» tab columns

Min.Deposit, WMZ is a minimum amount of money one can lend to a given WebMoney credit service (minimum trust limit).

Max.Deposit, WMZ is a maximum amount of money one can lend to a given WebMoney credit service (maximum trust limit).

Daily Interest, % is an interest rate you receive per day for use of your electronic funds by WebMoney members.

Annual Interest, % is an interest rate you receive per year for use of your electronic funds by WebMoney members.